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Documentary, Portraits, Children and Family life, Special Occasions 

Exeter Portrait Photographers 



I'm working on several long-term personal projects and also take on commissions world-wide. I speak fluent French/Spanish/Portuguese, travel alone with ease and complete projects wtih diplomacy and discretion. I'm interested in the healing effects of nature on children and teenagers from inner cities and under-privileged homes, and all that surrounds impoverished, malnourished and abused children world-wide. I'm also interested in the way different cultures deal with death. And I continue to be passionate about wildlife, and environmental and ecological issues - in particular endangered species and land/human encroachment problems. 

Family Life 

I like to spend time with a family, in their home, garden or on an outing, chatting, playing, sharing moments, where, as with all mywork, my camera just becomes an extension of my body documenting the experience. I'm not so interested in romanticized, perfectly whimsical images of childhood but rather those that capture real moments, character traits and idiosyncrasies, play and laughter, discovery and disappointment. Not necessarily extraordinary moments, but every day life revealing its magic before reason takes its toll on the soul. The result, I hope, rather than glossy, perfectly posed pictures, is imagery with an 'edge', raw emotion and energy.  

I produce high quality framed prints or canvases and beautiful 'Day In The Life...' coffee table books. 

Funerals and Farewells 

I take sensitive pictures of the gathering of families and friends saying farewell to a loved one. Whether you are looking simply for a few special pictures as memories of the occasion,a full hard-back 'Memory Book' of the day, or a 'Life Book' including old photographs from childhood, I will make something special to keep and remember the special person you have lost.